The Kitty and her Family

Hello and welcome to all the cat lovers out there! I’m Jordan and I have the pleasure of sharing my life with my husband Brad and our sweet cat Nala. We live in the busy city of Orlando where we enjoy lots of sunshine and being out on the water. Nala fills our days with so much joy as I am sure your fluff ball does for you too!

Nala Loves:

  • Following her humans around (especially dad)
  • Playing fetch with hair ties
  • Going on walks and adventures
  • Drinking out of the bath tub faucet, no matter how many times we try to stop her 😉
  • Getting pets and scratches
  • And of course, claiming any box she can manage to fit herself into.

I hope to share with you some of Nala’s wonder cat approved products, funny stories, and pictures; making this a blog where you can find all of your super cat’s needs. Thanks for joining us as we work to provide our cats with a great and enriching life.

Meow for now!